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Delta-8 THC AND ME. For Me Or Not For Me…That Is The Question!

  Is Delta-8 THC ok for Boulderites to consume? Here are 5 reasons for saying “sure, fire up,” and 5 reasons to say “not today thank you.” The chemistry of Delta-8 THC compared to the well-known Delta-9 THC is a fantastic topic! For another day. For today, know that both are cannabinoids, since they occur […]

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Boulder’s Marijuana Mega-Brains!

  Can I fail a pot test after smoking?  After NOT smoking? Even in Boulder ??? Every blog addressing great words is especially fun in Boulder! We’re SMART. We have GREAT vocabularies, And we have an unquenchable desire for knowledge.  For many of us, that means learning more about our favorite drug, marijuana.  While not […]

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From Boulder and I Do Not Smoke Weed

  I’m a long time lover of the Devil’s Lettuce, and all of its 105+ cannabinoids. I am however not a fan of the 100+ chemicals which combustion adds to to cannabis. Meaning I do not like smoking. Cannabis yes. Combustion no. I am not a fan of edibles, since they typically have one or […]

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Weed for Weight Loss

Despite being known for causing an increase in appetite, or “the munchies,” there is evidence suggesting you can lose weight with weed. A study in 2013 showed that obesity rates are much lower in cannabis consumers when compared to those who don’t consume cannabis. The study also concluded the results being present after they adjusted […]

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