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Weed for Weight Loss

weed and weight lossDespite being known for causing an increase in appetite, or “the munchies,” there is evidence suggesting you can lose weight with weed. A study in 2013 showed that obesity rates are much lower in cannabis consumers when compared to those who don’t consume cannabis. The study also concluded the results being present after they adjusted for age and sex. This isn’t a definitive conclusion, and more research needs to be conducted, but the results look promising.

When we get into why weed can help you lose weight we need to look at a specific cannabinoid. The main cannabinoid being reported as responsible for having an effect on weight loss is tetrahydracannabivarin (THCV). One study concluded using “the two highest doses of THCV resulted in a less strong but nevertheless statistically significant reduction of body fat mass.” This same study also found an increase in energy expenditure suggesting that THCV has a direct impact on the weed and weight lossmetabolic process.The American Journal of Medicine

According to another scientific study, published in The American Journal of Medicine, people who consume cannabis have statistically smaller waist sizes than those who do not. All of this evidence is compelling enough to at least suggest weed can help you loose weight. The only issue is finding strains that are high in the most effective cannabinoid for loosing weight, THCV. Although it isn’t the easiest strain to find, it can be done.

weed and weight lossOne strain particularly high in THCV, named Doug’s Varin, had lab tested kief come back with a THCA: THCVA ratio of 5:4, with 19% THCA and 15% THCV. Even though this strain’s kief may be testing at 15% THCVA, I’ve yet to find it in a dispensary. A more common strain you should be able to find in your local dispensary known for having trace amounts of THCV is Durban Poison. These are just a couple examples of cannabis strains that could help with weight loss.

Of course, there is no cure all for weight loss, and even though these several studies are suggesting a positive relationship between cannabis and losing weight, there are other weed and weight lossfactors to keep in mind. Activity and exercise are key to maintaining a healthy weight. The recommended amount of weekly exercise for adults is 150 minutes. If you don’t like the gym, this doesn’t have to be time spent lifting weights. You can go on walks in your neighborhood, hike out in nature, or take up a fitness class with friends.

The time you spend in the kitchen is arguably more important than your amount of activity. The easiest way to eat healthy is to cook your own food. Try to include more natural whole foods in your diet, like fresh fruits and vegetables, and avoid sugary MJFITNUTprocessed foods and drinks like soda. If you do these things, along with a moderate level of exercise, you’ll be on the right path to losing weight. You can also check out your local dispensary for any strains containing THCV as a potential cannabis weight loss supplement to your healthy and active lifestyle!

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