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Turbo-Max Mania: The Wild World of Our Cartoon Commuter Cars Unleashed

February 8th, 2024

    Driving outside of Boulder is hazardous. Some, not all, but some of the drivers on my warm-weather escape are a tad challenging. Truth be told, it can be downright terrifying to navigate the highways outside of our home in Boulder. Perhaps the best way to adapt to this different style of driving is to have a specially designed car, meant for the rigors of aggressive fast and tightly packed drivers and cars. With that in mind, the following Florida Freeway TurboGuardian design is offered to the world. It is intended for safe driving in an unsafe environment. I wanted to share my design... Read More

Boulder to Glenwood Canyon by Santa Fe Vista Cruiser

December 15th, 2023

Chicago’s famous bridges in the middle of town over the Chicago River Check out the Lionel Trains  “O” gauge on Amazon. The World’s Most Famous Railcar! Passing through the foothills that back Boulder, snaking up in altitude, and offering views of Gross Reservoir that are beyond compare, this journey reveals the less-seen back sides of familiar scenes to the north. It’s thrilling. With my face plastered to the window—hard enough to leave flat spots on my face and a dent in the glass—I spend the 6 hours (or more) on the AMTRAK trip from Union Station, Denver,... Read More

Save Money by Going Green: Travelling Boulder and the Frontrange

December 5th, 2021

  According to the American Public Transportation Association, “the transportation sector produces one-third of greenhouse gas emissions in the united states.” This means that being concerned about the future of our planet includes being concerned with how you are getting around. One option might be moving closer to where you are travelling to, but you might want to consider the alternative forms of transportation in our modern city. Luckily, this is Boulder, where we have great alternative methods of transportation such as B-cycle, the regional bus system, and eGo carshare. B-cycle There... Read More

Bull Elk Charges Car in Colorado Caught on Video

October 7th, 2019

In Evergreen Colorado, a mother and daughter were suddenly attacked by a bull elk while driving through the area. The daughter was recording some elk that were in the surrounding area they were driving through when a bull elk decided they were too close. The camera turns away as the elk charges the car with its horns. There was significant damage to the passenger side of the vehicle.  Read More