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Fentanyl in Boulder: Great Confusion, LOW prices make for DANGER!

January 6th, 2024
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Is Fentanyl a Boulder Danger or is it another government scare tactic? Is Fentanyl Really Dangerous? In short, yes it is.  It is dangerous for several reasons.  First, simplest, it is highly toxic in minuscule amounts. That means that to “dose”it, lab work must be extremely precise to avoid accidental overdose. Additionally, when a dealer “cuts” the drug, or uses it to cut heroin, it is not even a trained lab technician doing the lab work. It could be kitchen table science.  While commercial organic  chemistry labs with trained chemists and pure ingredients can synthesize a... Read More

Close Encounters of the Wildlife Kind: How to Escape a Bear Attack

June 27th, 2023

Hypothetically, imagine yourself walking in the mountains, enjoying a nice afternoon hike. You decide to stop at a picnic area. Then, as you sit down, you look directly ahead. There’s a really hairy man sitting on the table across from you. This man must have gone years without a haircut. In fact, you realize that that’s no man at all. You notice that it’s actually a black bear. What do you do in such a situation? Step 1: Keep your distance. Normally, you would want to just avoid the bear completely. It’s safest to keep at least 300 feet between you and the bear. Unfortunately,... Read More

On the Death of a Stranger

September 27th, 2016

A girl I knew in high school posted childhood pictures of the two of them, without caption or commentary, and the grainy stills did not sit well with me. Her intention, it was unspokenly clear, was more than reminiscent. A cursory web search of his name returned first a years-old news story from the town in which we all grew up, detailing his arrest after having fallen through the ventilation system of the administrative building of a local housing development, his afterhours violation neither validated nor explained in its absurdity by the article. The image was so quintessentially Kyle – an... Read More