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Why Every Yogi Should Establish A Daily Morning Practice: 5 Undeniable Truths

September 21st, 2022

Very few believe me when I say that I wake up at 5 am each morning to practice yoga. But it’s true. When the alarm sounds, I slowly wake for a couple minutes, drink a glass of water, and then hop onto my mat. I do this with intention, for very specific reasons. Sure, I enjoy going to yoga studios, and still do. Yet my at-home practice is my saving grace. It sets me up for success in the long run for everything that I seek to accomplish. Here’s why: IT CULTIVATES DISCIPLINE AND POSITIVE HABITS Discipline is an art form in and of itself. As with anything worthwhile, it’s difficult at the start.... Read More

4 Reasons You Do Not Want Mr. Rogers As Your Neighbor

November 17th, 2014

Fred Rogers, the loveable man that we all remember watching on his PBS Show “Mr. Rogers” always asked his viewers if they would be his neighbor. I would have no problem living next door to Mr. Rogers but that is not enough. He is brimming with energy, positivity and an unmatched enthusiasm for life. Mr. Rogers would make a much better best friend, business partner or even father. Here are 4 reasons why you don’t want Mr. Rogers as (just) your neighbor: Thieves stole his car – then returned it: This is hard evidence that Mr. Rogers was a boss. He was intimidating and people knew not to... Read More