Mr rogers

Fred Rogers, the loveable man that we all remember watching on his PBS Show “Mr. Rogers” always asked his viewers if they would be his neighbor. I would have no problem living next door to Mr. Rogers but that is not enough. He is brimming with energy, positivity and an unmatched enthusiasm for life. Mr. Rogers would make a much better best friend, business partner or even father. Here are 4 reasons why you don’t want Mr. Rogers as (just) your neighbor:

  1. Thieves stole his car – then returned it: This is hard evidence that Mr. Rogers was a boss. He was intimidating and people knew not to mess with him. Or, a more realistic reason emerges – people respected him. No matter if you agreed with the messages he presented on his TV program, you respected his authenticity. There is nobody that was more “Mr. Rogers” than Mr. Rogers himself. People who know who they are and follow their passions, always have an audience. Mr. Rogers was no different.
  2. The Magic Number – 143: Rogers was a man of commitment and a man of discipline. He woke up at the same time every day (5am) and followed a strict schedule. He was so strict and discipline that he demanded his weight be exactly 143 pounds every single day of his life, for over 30 years. Why 143? It is the numeric symbol for the words “I love you”. His commitment to this one particular area of his life shows his commitment in all other areas of his life. When something is important enough, nothing can get in your way. Even a couple of pounds during the holidays…
  3. Befriending Everyone: Rogers understood how important it is to make people feel important. He understood how to do this with more sincerity than anyone I have ever heard of. Mr. Rogers was a true relationship builder – he understood how to make friends and how to keep them. It was often said that he was such a hard person to interview because he was so likable. It was impossible to remain unbiased around him. He used to make scrapbooks for the news reporters who were doing stories on him. He would stay in touch with them for the rest of his life. He would write letters and call them frequently just to see how their family was doing. His sincerity was legendary and everyone loved him.
  4. Loyalty: Loyalty was Mr. Rogers’ trademark. He honored the people who had made a huge impact in his life every day. His day started with several hours of praying and sending good vibes to all of his friends and family. On his TV show, he honored his inspirational uncle who always, “reminded young Fred that he made every day special just by being himself.” This become the method in which Mr. Rogers closed out each episode of his show. He paid his respects to his uncle for having such a profound impact on him. Mr. Rogers also made sure that every Cardigan sweater he wore, was one that his mother had knitted by hand. He was loyal to his upbringing. He never let his success go to his head. He always made a point to show his loyalty and gratitude to all the people who had made an impact in his life.

We would all be lucky to live next to a guy with such immense wisdom. He had an infectious way of living. He made friends everywhere that he went by being sincere. He knew who he was and never tried to be somebody else. He shared his gift with the world and his legacy continues to live on. He is a man that I would be proud to call a friend, a business partner and of course, a neighbor.