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Restaurants Being Hit Hard By Closures Still Manage to Make Meals for First Responders in Boulder

April 26th, 2020

Colorado is finally getting  a breath of fresh air after some restrictions are being lifted, but the restaurant industry is still being hit hard and are to remain closed, only allowing delivery and takeout. Despite 75% of restaurant employees being laid off in Colorado, many restaurants are continuing to stay open to provide meals for those on the frontline. Nonprofit groups are coming together to try to provide for both communities: restaurants and healthcare workers. For example. Feed the Frontlines Boulder pays restaurants to provide meals to healthcare workers, a win win for restaurants that... Read More

$550,000 Raised to Help Boulder Frontline Employees and Restaurants

April 18th, 2020

In an extraordinary act of generosity, Feed the Frontlines began raising donations to help feed frontlines employees and restaurants and has already beat their goal of $550,000. “We are getting donations from the community, [those] are going directly toward meals for local restaurants which are obviously struggling during these times,” explained Vikas Reddy, a local entrepreneur in Boulder who, along with his friend, Kyle Judah, came up with the idea locally and helped organize it. Meals are purchased with the money from local restaurants, and some money is given to the restaurants as well... Read More