In an extraordinary act of generosity, Feed the Frontlines began raising donations to help feed frontlines employees and restaurants and has already beat their goal of $550,000.

“We are getting donations from the community, [those] are going directly toward meals for local restaurants which are obviously struggling during these times,” explained Vikas Reddy, a local entrepreneur in Boulder who, along with his friend, Kyle Judah, came up with the idea locally and helped organize it.

Meals are purchased with the money from local restaurants, and some money is given to the restaurants as well to help with payroll and other expenses.

Feed the Frontlines has partnered with about two dozen restaurants in Boulder already, with more expected to come as the restrictions in Colorado continue.

“It feels like a beautiful offering for us to be able to do it. Support your local business as much as we can right now. Do the takeaway and delivery for local restaurants… If we can keep money circulating through our local economy, it’s going to make a huge difference when the town opens back up.”