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Choosing Wisely: Selecting the Perfect Lawyer for Your Legal Needs

November 22nd, 2023
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 Drugs, Drunk Driving, Divorce have something in common. They all start with “D.” They also, and to us more important, are examples of the things that happen to all too many of us. Good People do bad things, and good people are accused of bad things which they did NOT do! There are many people, both more and less culpable more or less at fault at law, who are going to take a trip on the criminal case railroad. Each can choose to navigate the journey alone, or can do it with a conductor, a lawyer.  But which lawyer is the best choice?  If funds are truly unlimited, than consider... Read More

Pay it Forward Friday: The Hunt for the Winning B-Cycle

May 23rd, 2014

Back in October, Boulder endured its worst flood in recent memory. It was truly tragic, and many people living in the Boulder County area were left devastated. Despite this, the community was still strong. People dropped everything to go help their friends clear water out of flooded houses. Volunteers continued to rebuild Boulder, even months after the floods swept through the front range area. Even at its worst, Boulder County still remains to be strong. The people throughout Boulder County continue to “pay it forward” on a day-to-day basis, and here at AboutBoulder.com, we also want... Read More