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Faces of Boulder- Pic of the Day!

January 15th, 2023

Snow, snow, and more snow! As the flakes keep falling, it’s the perfect time to grab a sled and hit the smaller slopes of Boulder. Or in this case, the Flatirons! Rick insist, “if you are hiking all the way up, might as well sled down.” Well, mind blown Rick. Brilliant! Next time I find myself hiking in the snow, I’ll grab the old sled on my way out and make my descent far more entertaining.  Read More

Flashback 2015 ~ Skiing Down Boulder’s Iconic Flatirons

January 4th, 2023

2/4/15 – On March 1, After more than a week of steady snowfall, Alex Krull and Austin Porzak skied the right side of the First Flatiron, the famed slab formation above Boulder, Colorado. The two men skied the East Face Gully, often known as the Silk Road when it develops as an ice climb, with an average inclination of about 45 degrees and thin powder over exposed rock slabs. Before unroping and skiing the lower east face, they were belayed for three 60-meter sections at the peak of the climb. Between 750 to 800 feet was lost overall. It’s improbable that the entire 1,000-foot-high First... Read More


February 24th, 2018

Beautiful back view of the Flatirons. To see full picture, please click on the date. Photo by Brad Fagan.  Read More


February 6th, 2018

Beautiful side view of the flatirons. To see full picture, please click on the date. Photo by Brad Fagan.    Read More

Faces of Boulder- Summit of the Week!

November 21st, 2015

Summit of the Week! This week, Jordan, a fulltime student reaches the summit of an unnamed peak in the Flatirons. After spending the afternoon hiking trails near Green Mountain, he took the opportunity to scramble up a nearby peak. He skipped all the people by scrambling up the rock formation, and had this summit all to his self. Great seeing you Jordan!    Read More

Beginning Triathlon, What to Spend Your Money On Part 1: Swim

November 10th, 2014

Triathlon is a very expensive sport. Between the equipment, race fees, coaching, and gym/pool memberships the cost of everything can really start to add up. As a former employee of Tribe Multisport in Scottsdale, AZ I often got asked my opinion for what to buy for a beginner. Also, as my friends began the sport, they would ask me for the same advice. In this 3-part blog spread out over 3 weeks I will give my opinion on how to best spend your money if you are looking to get into the sport. For this week I will focus on the first part of most triathlons. Swimming is fairly basic as far as sports... Read More

Triathletes love Boulder, compression socks, and this new blog.

September 22nd, 2014

Boulder has a reputation for being a very healthy, active, and outdoorsy place. I was recently on Tinder and just about every girl on there had some sort of picture of themselves hiking, snowboarding, or finishing the Bolder Boulder on their profile. Their favorite places to shop include the bike shop, Whole Foods, and REI. It makes sense when you think about it, just look at the flatirons. I like to call it the health trap. Stay in Boulder long enough and eventually you will pick up an outdoorsy hobby. This hobby will introduce you to people who are healthy eaters. These health nuts will consciously... Read More