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Boulder has a reputation for being a very healthy, active, and outdoorsy place. I was recently on Tinder and just about every girl on there had some sort of picture of themselves hiking, snowboarding, or finishing the Bolder Boulder on their profile. Their favorite places to shop include the bike shop, Whole Foods, and REI.

It makes sense when you think about it, just look at the flatirons. I like to call it the health trap. Stay in Boulder long enough and eventually you will pick up an outdoorsy hobby. This hobby will introduce you to people who are healthy eaters. These health nuts will consciously or subconsciously convince you that GMO’s are poison, and that kale and chia seeds make for a great snack. Before you know it you are shopping for a new mountain bike, sampling Kombucha at Whole foods, and picking out some sweet new Chaco sandals at REI.

This blog will focus on one group of healthy, active, and outdoorsy people in particular: triathletes. Boulder is considered the mecca of triathlon. Vegas is to strippers what Boulder is to triathletes. Every summer dozens of the best in the sport flock into town and set up “base camp”.  Each week I will be writing about something that relates to the world of Boulder triathlon. Whether you are a triathlete, runner, cyclist, swimmer, etc. or simply someone who enjoys or aspires to live a healthy, active lifestyle, this blog will be beneficial to you. I promise I won’t be boring.

P.S. Have you foam rolled today?

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