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Hailstone Growth: Unraveling the Mystery of Large Hail

May 23rd, 2024

In Boulder, during hot afternoons, we see afternoon hailstones forming, some of which are baseball size! How does that happen? Large hailstones are a fascinating meteorological phenomenon that have puzzled scientists and captivated the public for centuries. The process of hailstone growth is a complex and intricate one, involving a delicate interplay of atmospheric conditions and physical processes.The pellets initially formed from water droplets repeat a pattern of uplift and downdrafts, growing as this cycle is repeated. In this article, we will delve into the mystery of hailstone growth, exploring... Read More

Dynamic Boulder Landscapes: Views from the Front Range to the Valley

April 4th, 2024
green grass field with mountains during daytime

As the sun rises and sets, casting its golden hues across the land, the Front Range, the Divide, the Plains, and the Valley unveil a mesmerizing panorama that captivates the soul. The ever-changing beauty of these diverse landscapes offers a dynamic canvas of natural wonders, each with its own unique allure and charm. Let’s delve into the enchanting vistas of these distinct regions and discover the magic they hold. The Majestic Front Range Standing tall and proud, the Front Range paints a stunning picture of rugged peaks, lush forests, and cascading waterfalls. This iconic mountain range,... Read More

Save Money by Going Green: Travelling Boulder and the Frontrange

December 5th, 2021

  According to the American Public Transportation Association, “the transportation sector produces one-third of greenhouse gas emissions in the united states.” This means that being concerned about the future of our planet includes being concerned with how you are getting around. One option might be moving closer to where you are travelling to, but you might want to consider the alternative forms of transportation in our modern city. Luckily, this is Boulder, where we have great alternative methods of transportation such as B-cycle, the regional bus system, and eGo carshare. B-cycle There... Read More

Fire in the Frontrange: What you need to know

November 9th, 2014

The importance to control the potential dangers of fire is paramount for protecting the homes and properties in and near the Front Range. The local forests have been increasing in fuel load and fire severity. With the threat of fire an ever-pressing issue the community’s mind, it is important for locals to understand what is going on with forests across the region. Coloradoforestrestoration.org (CFRI) has a science research with recommendations for how to approach the persistent fire hazard that we face in Colorado. Fire is a natural part of our ecosystem’s development. G. David and E. Wohl... Read More