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Boulder’s Electric Blues: Defined by the Les Paul/Marshall Combo

The Iconic Sunburst Gibson Les Paul: The Guitar that Defined and Defines Electric Blues Electric Blues Rock and Electric Country Rock are largely defined by the tone of the iconic Gibson Les Paul played through a Marshall Stack of amplifier and speakers. From Leslie West of Mountain playing Mississippi Queen to Eric Clapton to the […]

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Seven Most Respected Electric Dogs (I MEAN GUITARS) in Boulder

Jeff Beck could certainly make a Fender Stratocaster bark. One player could make the “e” string “walk the dog” in the classic yoyo move.  A guitar played by a PLAYER can play a lick that can lick your face and leave you wanting more. With that rationalization for posting a guitar article in place of […]

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Boulder’s Seven Most Popular and Most Respected Acoustic Guitars

Robert Johnson, Perhaps The Most Famous of the Mississippi Delta Blues Players Listing the seven most popular and respected acoustic guitars specifically in the Boulder Colorado region is challenging, as popularity can vary widely and is not often region-specific within the United States. However, certain acoustic guitar brands and models are renowned worldwide and enjoy […]

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