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Faces of Boulder – Mike & Laura

March 22nd, 2022

Mike and Laura’s love story began a few years ago after he walked from California to Florida. It took him two and a half months, but it was worth it. He met her walking her dog in a park. “She was totally out of my league,” he told me with a beaming smile, but they finally talked.”It’s the first time I’ve put roots down anywhere.” Now, they’re traveling together across the US. He brought her here because it’s one of his favorite spots. “I hope it stays this warm,” she said. “I really love the people here. I’d love to stay.”  Read More

Boulder’s #1 Rated Jewelry Store ~ Hurdles Jewelry Since 1947

February 11th, 2022

According to the latest Yelp Reviews, Hurdles Jewelry is Rated the Top Jewelry store in Boulder, Colorado. Local family owned and operated four generation business with deep community roots. As members of the American Gem Society we adhere to the strictest gemological and ethical standards in the entire jewelry business. Check out the Website: https://www.hurdlesjewelry.com/ Photo via: Hurdles Jewelry  Read More

Calling All Card, Coin, and Stamp Collectors! CollecTons is Boulder’s Premier Hobby Shop

June 27th, 2017

We hear a lot about Boulder’s outdoor scene, but some of Boulder’s most interesting hobbies are happening behind closed doors. Silent, solitary activities that demand boxes over bike trail maps. I’m talking about collecting, where fandom meets nostalgia. Inside Crossroads East Shopping Center (30th Street) lies one of Boulder’s best hobby shops: CollecTons. While the shop’s design is austere, it’s shelves are fully stocked with collecting items and supplies. Collectors will want to know that they sell: Collectable Coins Stamps Trading Cards Comic Books Photo and Archiving Supplies Jewelry Of... Read More