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Monet-Inspired Sunset at Boulder’s Waneka Lake Featuring Pintail Ducks

February 24th, 2024

  Whether a photograph, a painting, or art created by other means and media, Boulder astounds as inspiration and as a subject for any media, anytime. Sunset is a sure thing! While this particular rendering is inspired by Claude Monet, I chose to not try to make it more like a Monet. I am unable to visualize it being improved without deleting it and starting fresh.  Monet favored using pure colors right out of the tube. While I share that paint preference, any similarity in our work ends there! As if I even had to say that <G> Regardless of the Monet style which I think was not particularly... Read More

Coot Lake: Your Favorite New Place for an Afternoon Walk

December 30th, 2023

Colorado has a lot of mountains, and sometimes you may want something a bit more relaxing than scaling the flatirons. That’s what Coot Lake is for. It’s a flat lake area that houses coots, mallards, and lots of other ducks. A lot of the lake actually acts as a wildlife preserve for wetland species, so expect to see a fair amount of ducks and birds. You may even see a Northern Harrier, which is the most threatened nesting bird species in Boulder County. It’s also a very popular gathering place for dog walkers and runners, who can be seen pacing the trails in the area. Trails from... Read More

Pic of the Day

March 10th, 2018

Quiet day by the lake. To see full picture, please click on the date. Photo by Brad Fagan.  Read More


January 21st, 2018

Bierstadt Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. To see full picture, please click on the date. Photo by Brad Fagan.  Read More

Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day!

February 29th, 2016

A good weekend for this Virginia native consists of spending time in the mountains. Mike, an avid outdoorsman from Williamsburg, Virginia, drove across the country to the Colorado Rockies just over two years ago after graduating from Virginia Tech with a Biology degree. He said moving here was the best decision he could have made and he hasn’t looked back. Currently, Mike is living in Firestone with a few of his buddies and his dog, Lucas. You can find him working at the local Boulder brewery and restaurant, BRU Handbuilt Ales & Eats, a great place for delicious, unique beers and gourmet... Read More

Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day

January 12th, 2016

Kait moved to Boulder about six months ago from Maryland. She was ready for something different, so she quit her jobs, saved up a little money, and drove across the country to Boulder last summer. Her favorite thing about Boulder is the endless amounts of things to do. “There are always new sights to see and places to explore,” she says. One of her favorite spots to go to is Coot Lake by the Boulder Reservoir. You can find her here often walking on the 1.2 mile trail around the lake, and enjoying its serenity. Kait also has a love for music. She started playing piano and violin when... Read More

Rocky Mountain National Park Celebrates its 100th Birthday!

January 27th, 2015

Normally, when you’re celebrating someone’s hundredth birthday, you’re not talking about climbing mountains. The hundredth birthday Rocky Mountain National Park, however, is a little different than most birthdays. Back in 1915, on January 26th, Woodrow Wilson signed Rocky Mountain National park into law. People were visiting the gorgeous Rocky Mountains far before 1915, but that’s the date when Wilson made things official.  Rocky Mountain National park is huge. To give you a basic idea, here’s a few interesting stats: More than 260,000 acres of unfathomable beauty. Includes... Read More

Protect Our Country From Fracking’s Unchecked Environmental Crimes

December 8th, 2014

The oil and gas industry in the United States is exponentially growing due to the use of a relatively new technology called hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking. In fact, the United States is on its way to becoming the number one exporter of oil in the world.  While fracking in the United States has allowed for increased oil and gas production, it is far from benefitting the United States in other important sectors. Fracking is done by injecting a mixture of dangerous chemicals, water and sand into shale deposits at high temperatures.  This mixture is then pulled back to the surface... Read More