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“Company of Boulder Leonbergers: Love & Loyalty!

Loyal, Loving, and LARGE, the Leonberger Is A True Lover When it comes to loyal and devoted canine companions, few breeds can rival the majestic Leonberger. Originating from Germany, these gentle giants are known for their loving nature, intelligence, and unwavering loyalty to their owners. If you’re looking for a dog that will not only […]

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Fido Adopts A Leonberger! A Former Mutt, Now An AKC Breed

What IS a mutt? It is a mix of two or more breeds. So it is a moving target. Today’s mixed breed is tomorrow’s new breed. A great example is the Leonberger. The Leonberger dog breed was created in the 1840s to resemble the lion of the Leonberg town crest. It is a cross between […]

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