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A First Boulder Date: Mall to Mountains!

A first Boulder date is always a challenge. Where to go? What to do? What do you want to come of it? Each of those questions can be cause for stress and pondering. Perhaps we can help with some concrete suggestions! Of course the zoo up the road and the Butterfly Pavilion just up the […]

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Boulder Eclipse Spectacle: More Than Just a Shadow!

mm The solar eclipse viewed from Boulder was truly magnificent. Keeping in mind that the whole show is only possible because of a triple coincidence of planetary and star location. That’s some crazy stuff! Today’s eclipse had more going on than meets the eye. As the sun was covered, shielded by the moon, the temperature […]

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Boulder Motivates! Monday Madness: Plan and Build!

We start with calm planning. The architect combines art and science, beauty and engineering. The architect appears here in the style of Vermeer. Let’s us start with art as we build on that foundation. Monday Motivation comes from teamwork, one step at a time. One line, one drafting pencil, a ruler, and a building floor […]

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Boulder Mall After a Snow

  Boulderites are not afraid of the weather. After all, it only means we have to dress differently. As soon as the snow stop, the sun comes out and so to the Boulderites.  There are two temperatures in the winter. One, we call “warm.” It is over 35 deg F., 1 deg C, calm and […]

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Boulder Pre-Snow Sunrise Surprise

Once again Boulder Hump Day makes its appearance. “Hump Day,” colloquially known as Wednesday, is a term that has become deeply embedded in the cultural fabric of the workweek, particularly in the context of the traditional Monday through Friday, 9-to-5 schedule. The term evokes a sense of achievement and relief, symbolizing the midpoint of the […]

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The Best 11 Activities to Do During Boulder Winters

Winter gets cold in Boulder. It can be hard to bundle up and get out of the house, but the winter temperature should be no excuse. There’s lots of great activities to do in Boulder (even when it’s freezing outside), and that’s why this list has been assembled. Let’s get started. 1. See a Great Concert. Boulder […]

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