We start with calm planning. The architect combines art and science, beauty and engineering. The architect appears here in the style of Vermeer. Let’s us start with art as we build on that foundation. Monday Motivation comes from teamwork, one step at a time. One line, one drafting pencil, a ruler, and a building floor appears on the drafting table.

Even Without Computer Drafting, Art Springs from the Drafting Table as a Building takes shape.

Planning for Art is Art! Museum walls are decorated with drawings, not just with paintings!

Plans Rise Into Towers, in Boulder, in NYC, or in Anyplace Where Building is Happening.


The Process Is The Same Even On A Smaller Scale. Here’s the Boulder Mall Under Construction in the mid to late 1970s.

Construction begins with an idea, a spark of imagination that envisions a new structure or space. This idea is then translated into a design, a detailed plan that outlines the aesthetics, functionality, and environmental considerations of the project. Architects and engineers collaborate, turning these designs into detailed drawings and blueprints, which serve as a roadmap for the entire construction process. These drawings detail every aspect, from the foundation to the materials used, ensuring every element is meticulously planned. Finally, building commences, with construction teams bringing the drawings to life. Through their skilled work, a mere concept evolves into a tangible structure, standing as a testament to human creativity and ingenuity.


Architectural completion marks the culmination of a complex and intricate process, transforming initial concepts into tangible, functional spaces. This phase signifies not just the physical completion of a building but also the realization of a vision that encompasses aesthetic appeal, structural integrity, and environmental harmony. It involves a rigorous inspection to ensure every detail aligns with the original design specifications, safety standards, and regulatory requirements. Architectural completion is celebrated not only as a technical achievement but also as an artistic expression, where every element from the facade to the interiors works cohesively to serve its intended purpose. This milestone represents a bridge between architectural imagination and the practicalities of inhabitable design.


So for Monday Motivation, all you need is a pencil and a sheet of paper and you can build a city!

Lenny Lensworth Frieling

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