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Mastering Art Fundamentals: The Key to Commanding DALL-E

April 28th, 2024

DALL-E’s Mouse From “I need a picture of a mouse please.” Boulder Schools are amongst the finest. How many of our students both use computers and also study art in school? Without that education, it’s like being given a race car without first knowing how to ride a bicycle or drive a car. Just as pocket calculators replaced slide rules and as computers appeared in our lives again changing the rules and tools of education, we now have AI. Artificial Intelligence. I’m going to address CHATgpt and DALLE only, since that what I’ve played with. DALL-E, the image generator... Read More

Boulder Motivates! Monday Madness: Plan and Build!

April 1st, 2024

We start with calm planning. The architect combines art and science, beauty and engineering. The architect appears here in the style of Vermeer. Let’s us start with art as we build on that foundation. Monday Motivation comes from teamwork, one step at a time. One line, one drafting pencil, a ruler, and a building floor appears on the drafting table. Even Without Computer Drafting, Art Springs from the Drafting Table as a Building takes shape. Planning for Art is Art! Museum walls are decorated with drawings, not just with paintings! Plans Rise Into Towers, in Boulder, in NYC, or in Anyplace... Read More

Boulder Sundown: Float Tubes AND Paint Tubes Shared For Beauty.

March 21st, 2024

A Sunset Float Down Boulder Creek Provides a Fitting Part of a Shared Experience. Lighting Courtesy of the Sun Setting Boulder Sunsets are romantic. There is no better, no simpler, and no happier time of day for outdoor lighting. This CU Buff couple and their friends are reveling in the joy of the sunset light in the twilight of a warm spring-like day. For us as Boulderites, this is another sunset of romance to be celebrated individually and with a group. The vibes are strong, clear, and wonderful! The emotional impact of the picture depends upon the time of day depicted, All of the rest is along... Read More

How A Boulder Tech Innovator Stays Online While Going Off-Grid

March 9th, 2024

Boulder is known for its vibrant tech scene, where entrepreneurs and innovators create cutting-edge solutions for the world’s problems. But what happens when we need to step out and unplug? Meet Ara Howard, founder of Dojo4, one of Boulder’s first start-up software companies, which recently closed its doors after nearly 15 years of success. Ara (pronounced Ae-Rah) is not your typical tech mogul. He grew up off-grid in Palmer, Alaska, where he learned to appreciate the beauty of art, nature, and “honest, simple living.” Howard (left), co-founder of one of Boulder’s first start-up... Read More

Tuesday Sunrise Splendor! Surprise Super Spectacle of Color!

February 27th, 2024

  I dozed. THEN my Boulder photo instincts or something woke me up in time to look outside. I was greeted by a sunrise light that looked more like a painting by a great artist than like a “normal” sunrise. I suppose that I was looking at a great painting by a great artist; the Universe! The sun rising, the clouds, refraction, moisture in the air, and the rest of what makes colors in the sky played some role I suspect <G> I grabbed the nearest camera, my phone, and the chill in the air vanished as a clicked away. The hardest part was picking a picture or so to share. I am... Read More

Boulder Dawn’s Embrace: Inspiration from the Girl with a Pearl

February 26th, 2024

Sunrise over Boulder brings motivation with it as the sun rises. Its morning glow proceeds its actual ascension over the horizon. Its light is a harbinger of the excitement and glow of the week to come. Whether we take the time to notice it or not, it rises. It brings its promise of progress along for the ride without fail. Our role in the process is easy. We merely need to look!     Imagine a Dutch Master portrait on the wall. As light comes streaming through the window, the glory of the brushstrokes take on a life of their own. Our role is to open our eyes to see what is there. It... Read More

Faces of Boulder- Pic of the Day!

January 31st, 2024

Meet Andrew and Stephanie! They were in town visiting from Riverside, California!  Excited to be in Boulder, these two spent their Tuesday afternoon creating their first rock sculptures in Boulder Creek.  I’d say they look like native Boulderites!  Read More

Boulder’s Intellectualism Shapes its True Character

January 24th, 2024

Some of you have heard that Boulder is “25 square miles surrounded by reality”. Which is one way to say that the character of the city of Boulder is extremely different from other nearby cities. Today we will discuss how intellectualism has helped to create this unique reputation. There is a huge focus on anti-intellectualism in the United States. Many folks, especially politicians, discredit Education, Literature, Philosophy, Art, and Science as pursuits which are mostly impractical. None of these subjects seem vital for the “common man” to know. None of them will help... Read More

The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse: Humans, Tea, and Humanity

January 23rd, 2024

Since its permanent settlement in the 1850s, the City of Boulder has been a Western hub of thought, culture, and appreciation for natural beauty. Since the 1980s, Boulder’s uniqueness has allowed it to participate in the international sister cities program, a program whose ongoing success is reflected throughout the city. Boulder shares a bond with seven sister cities all across the globe (in Tajikistan, Nicaragua, China, Mexico, Japan, Cuba, and Kenya); through these bonds, Boulder has experienced an objectively positive exchange of culture. The international sister city movement began in 1947,... Read More

Lessons of AI

January 23rd, 2024

In Boulder as everywhere, AI as a tool is one of the most important topics in current academic discussion. It represents a paradigm shift in the world as we know it. The magic in the interplay of artist and AI is in how the human asks the questions. Once again, it is the challenge of the genie and the three wishes. Ask the right question to get what you want. Copyright Issues Can Make Request Tricky. A Formal Art Background Helps! please list the most important reasons supporting the position that CHAT art is in fact well withing the definition of “art,” and please list the strongest... Read More