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Boulder, Spring, and Irises: A Long and Colorful History

I might think I know what I’m going to blog about. Then I look out and see something like this iris. This one is pretty crazy. All other thoughts go to the sidelines, and only this one flower fills my cerebral cortex. No color mixing here! These are colors straight from the tube a la […]

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Mastering Art Fundamentals: The Key to Commanding DALL-E

DALL-E’s Mouse From “I need a picture of a mouse please.” Boulder Schools are amongst the finest. How many of our students both use computers and also study art in school? Without that education, it’s like being given a race car without first knowing how to ride a bicycle or drive a car. Just as […]

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Blending Realms: The Artistic Journey of Boulder’s Lenny Lensworth Frieling

  Lensworth Photo-All pictures in this article are done by Lensworth.    Abstraction of Restored Antique Tractor at the Yearly Longmont (287) Dougherty Farm Yesteryear Show The farm show presents everything from Blacksmiths and Fiber Spinners, Weavers and Knitters to Steam Powered Log Splitters and restored tractors                                                                             Personal Lake Muse, Waneka Lake, Reflected Trees […]

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Boulder Motivates! Monday Madness: Plan and Build!

We start with calm planning. The architect combines art and science, beauty and engineering. The architect appears here in the style of Vermeer. Let’s us start with art as we build on that foundation. Monday Motivation comes from teamwork, one step at a time. One line, one drafting pencil, a ruler, and a building floor […]

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Boulder Dawn’s Embrace: Inspiration from the Girl with a Pearl

Sunrise over Boulder brings motivation with it as the sun rises. Its morning glow proceeds its actual ascension over the horizon. Its light is a harbinger of the excitement and glow of the week to come. Whether we take the time to notice it or not, it rises. It brings its promise of progress along […]

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