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5 Small Money Saving Tips that Work

Ah, money. Don’t we love it; don’t we wish we had more. I find that I like to spend my money on concerts, festivals, and similar events with friends. Sometimes these aren’t cheap though, and in order to do so I always have to be budgeting for the rest of the things I do. Going […]

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How I Eat Healthy On A Student’s Budget

Boulder is a great place to explore cuisine. We have the Kitchen on Pearl Street, a restaurant who values its locally grown, fresh and organic ingredients; The farmers market on Wednesdays and Saturdays; Fate Brewery whom changes their menu based on seasonal produce, you get the picture. This city is health epitomized. However, being a […]

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4 Former NFL Players Announce Investing in Cannabis

Athletes having been taking advantage of the natural healing properties of cannabis behind the sports scene for a very long time. With some sort of cannabis legalization being passed in over half of the United States, it’s no wonder athletes are starting to invest in the cannabis business. Several have saved money from time spent […]

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Apparently, Boulder’s Expensive

Living in Boulder has always felt like a privilege. From the Flatiron views to the The Kitchen on Pearl Street, Boulder is a city unlike any other in Colorado – or in America, for that matter. Being a student  living in Boulder though is both difficult and stressful because of the financial pressure that accompanies a […]

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Beginning Triathlon, What to Spend Your Money on Part 2: Bike

In the second part of the 3 part series, I want to talk about the sport of cycling and how to get into it without having to sell your soul. Bikes can be very expensive. In an effort to keep things as light and stiff as possible, expensive materials as well as lots of research […]

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Beginning Triathlon, What to Spend Your Money On Part 1: Swim

Triathlon is a very expensive sport. Between the equipment, race fees, coaching, and gym/pool memberships the cost of everything can really start to add up. As a former employee of Tribe Multisport in Scottsdale, AZ I often got asked my opinion for what to buy for a beginner. Also, as my friends began the sport, […]

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Recovering from the Flood

After the disastrous floods which lasted from September 11 through September 15, Boulder County has officially been designated a Federal Disaster Area. According to CNN, there have now been seven confirmed fatalities and approximately 18,000 homes across the state have seen damage. Nearly 200 miles of state highways will need to be repaired along with […]

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