Living in Boulder has always felt like a privilege. From the Flatiron views to the The Kitchen on Pearl Street, Boulder is a city unlike any other in Colorado – or in America, for that matter. Being a student  living in Boulder though is both difficult and stressful because of the financial pressure that accompanies a city as expensive as Boulder.

According to an article published on MSN earlier this week, “Goods and services in Boulder cost about 9% more than they do nationwide and about 7% more than they do across the state. Higher incomes usually accompany higher living costs, and Boulder is no exception. The typical area household earns $71,604 annually, well above the statewide income figure of $58,823, which itself is among the highest incomes compared to all states. As is the case with the most expensive cities in many other states, Boulder residents are also very well educated. More than 58% of adults have at least a bachelor’s degree versus the statewide attainment rate of less than 38% — the second highest percentage compared to all states.”

Here’s how to survive on your dime:

  • Ladies – Hit the ladies nights
  • Find the local happy hours and use those happy hours as a social time – Split apps with friends
  • Budget, or at least try to budget. Understand that the cost of rent will only go up – subtract rent from each paycheck consciously and always account for random expenses such as parking tickets.
  • Keep an eye out for free shows & screenings – Boulder Theater and the Fox Theater
  • Use your roommates! Split the cost of booze & food.
  • Be stingy, but not too stingy.
  • Buy used books and if need be, don’t buy any books at all. Plan days to spend at Barnes & Noble or the library.

Whenever I begin to feel like a broke college student I almost instantly realize that being a broke college student isn’t the end of the world – and if it were, I would be OK with living in the one and the only city of Boulder.