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Boulder’s Pearl St. Mall Awakens: A Hub of Nighttime Activity

March 25th, 2024

The Pearl Street Mall: Boulder’s Jewel at Dusk Nestled in the heart of Boulder, Colorado, the Pearl Street Mall is not just a shopping destination; it’s a vibrant cultural hub known around the world. Its fame stretches across continents, drawing visitors who seek more than just retail therapy. At the core of its allure are the eclectic street performers and the unique atmosphere that truly comes to life as the evening sets in. A Stage for Street Performers As the sun dips below the Rocky Mountains, Pearl Street Mall transforms into a bustling stage for an array of street performers.... Read More

Sober Curious in Boulder: Discovering Fun Beyond the Bar Scene

March 2nd, 2024
person holding woman wearing white tank top standing beside big rocks near mountain during daytime

In Boulder, the idea of having fun without alcohol isn’t just a possibility—it’s a lifestyle many embrace. Whether it’s to sharpen their edge in sports, boost overall health, or simply enjoy life’s moments more fully, Boulderites are finding that sober fun can be even more rewarding than the alternative. Here’s the how and why (in reverse order). Why Go Sober in Boulder? Memorable Moments: Being sober means being present. You’ll remember the laughs, the conversations, and the stunning views without the haze of alcohol. It’s about truly experiencing the moment and being able to... Read More

Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day!

February 18th, 2024

Pearl Street Mall: A Hub for Top Street Talent This Faces of Boulder feature shines a light on the exceptional street performers of Pearl Street Mall. Boulder stands out as a haven for street artistry, thanks to its supportive atmosphere and vibrant community engagement. The city’s unique blend of cultural richness and enthusiastic audiences makes it a prime spot for performers, enriching Boulder’s cultural scene and establishing it as a top destination for street performance art in the nation.    Read More

Boulder’s 6 Most Haunted Locations

February 13th, 2024

Boulder is an old town full of old history–which means there are some old spirits still waiting around. There are some Boulder ghost tours that you can do, but you can visit these 6 places yourself to see if you can catch any ghosts. 1. William Tull on Pearl Street William Tull was arrested for stealing horses in the 1800s and was eventually beaten and hanged on Pearl Street for the crimes he committed. The catch? He was innocent. His spirit was not happy about his wrongful death, and now people report seeing a man with a dark hat with his head tilted down holding a dark tote bag, who is... Read More

Boulder’s Unforgettable Enchantment: Pearl Street Mall’s Most Epic Performers Stun the Crowd

February 8th, 2024

Boulder, Colorado is known for its beautiful natural scenery and active outdoor culture, but it’s also home to a bustling downtown area known as Pearl Street Mall. The mall spans four blocks of pedestrian-only walkways and is a hub for shopping, dining, and entertainment. One of the most famous and iconic features of the Pearl Street Mall are the boulder formations that adorn the walkways, giving the mall its name. The boulders on Pearl Street Mall aren’t just any ordinary rocks, they are unique and distinctive pieces of Boulder’s geological history. They were brought in from... Read More

Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day!

February 3rd, 2024

An ‘old man’ sings Neil Young on Pearl Street. (Photo: Joseph Wirth)    Read More

Uncovering Boulder’s Hidden Gems: Exploring the Best Kept Secrets of This Scenic Destination

February 3rd, 2024

As a city nestled near the Rocky Mountains, Boulder is a popular tourist hotspot that offers an abundance of natural beauty and outdoor activities. However, beyond its well-known attractions lies a treasure trove of hidden gems waiting to be discovered by travelers looking for something unique and off the beaten path. From lesser-known hiking trails boasting stunning views of the Rockies, to hidden cafes and shops offering locally-sourced goods, Boulder’s hidden gems are worth exploring if you’re seeking an authentic experience. Here are just a few examples of what you can discover:... Read More

Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day!

January 29th, 2024

“Skating in general is an individual activity so people might think that there isn’t much of a culture or community, but we do come together. I remember when friend of mine was going through his final stages of ALS. To keep him out of a nursing home, some of the Boulder skating community came together to help fund the medical care so that he could live out his final days in the comfort of this own home. Skaters might have been thought of as punks, not educated, and be up to no good but I think the story has changed.” -Sam   Read More

Faces of Boulder – Pic of The Day!

January 23rd, 2024

Do you own the hat shop? “Not yet! I used to come here every Saturday and hang out because they have live music on Friday and Saturday and I know a lot of musicians so I’d come and see them. I was hanging out so much people thought that I worked here so I think when an opening became available they asked me if I wanted a job.”- Jovan  Read More

Timeless Pieces of Boulder’s Architectural History

January 22nd, 2024

With the holidays over, we figured we should refresh our minds with something different today. Boulder has a very interesting architectural history, especially the university campus. We will touch on some defining Boulder architectural projects which you have probably seen around town. Next time you’re out and about, maybe you’ll encounter some of these oh-so-Boulder building projects. The University Campus Of course we cannot skim Boulder’s architectural past without bringing up the University of Colorado campus. It began with the all-brick Old Main and soon grew into several... Read More