Boulder is an old town full of old history–which means there are some old spirits still waiting around. There are some Boulder ghost tours that you can do, but you can visit these 6 places yourself to see if you can catch any ghosts.

1. William Tull on Pearl Street

William Tull was arrested for stealing horses in the 1800s and was eventually beaten and hanged on Pearl Street for the crimes he committed. The catch? He was innocent. His spirit was not happy about his wrongful death, and now people report seeing a man with a dark hat with his head tilted down holding a dark tote bag, who is believed to be the ghost of Tull.

2. George Paper at Boulder Theater

George Paper managed Boulder Theater in the 40s until he was accidentally hanged by his own lighting equipment (or was it an accident?) The ghost that haunts the theater now is believed to be him as he’s playful such as Paper was in real life, switching lights on and off, turning on faucets, and opening doors.

3. Rooms 302 and 304 at Hotel Boulderado

Hotel Boulderado may not be as known for ghosts as the Stanley, but it’s still know for a double suicide happening in rooms 302 and 304. People who visit the hotel claim they see a woman in white roaming the halls and hear ghostly voices throughout the hotel.

4. Elaura Jaquette at Macky Auditorium

Elaura Jaquette, a student at CU Boulder in the 60s, was brutally raped and murdered in the Auditorium by a custodian. People claim to see her and a man in the Auditorium and hear an organ despite the fact that the school got rid of the organ. If you’re really feeling adventurous, room 304, now a storage facility, is where they found the body and where you’re most likely to see her.

5. Olivia Fullen at the Arnett Fullen House

Seen as a mostly friendly ghost, Olivia Fullen was a young girl who resided at the mansion and still visits now, making spooky appearances and causing chills in guests who want to see her. Be warned though: the current residents of the house often leave mannequins in the windows as a gag for tourists that don’t know any better.

6. Marietta Kingsley at Columbia Cemetery

Columbia Cemetery is a popular stomping ground for those looking for ghosts as the old cemetery is home to a few. Marietta Kingsley is one of the most popular and most interesting. Kingsley was a famous Madam in Boulder‘s red light district and managed to survive the  Boulder Creek flood in 1894 and an attack from two of her girls. before dying shortly before prostitution became illegal in Boulder.