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Wedding Wonders! Pikes Peak to the Patterson Inn!

  Right up the road from Boulder, your humble narrator, Chris Chiari and friends were gathered at the second most haunted hotel in Colorado, the Patterson Inn. The friends included newly engaged Mike and Julie. Once upon a time last week, Mike and Julie picked a random city with Southwest flights from North Carolina; home. […]

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Boulder’s 6 Most Haunted Locations

Boulder is an old town full of old history–which means there are some old spirits still waiting around. There are some Boulder ghost tours that you can do, but you can visit these 6 places yourself to see if you can catch any ghosts. 1. William Tull on Pearl Street William Tull was arrested for […]

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How Boulderites Handled a Haunted Hotel

  The Patterson Inn AboutBoulder has featured 3 most famous and most haunted hotels in Colorado and likely these three are high on the lists of other states also.  We divide ourselves into three categories. Those who believe that some form of ghosts or spirits of the dead exist Those who believe that ghosts are […]

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Boulder’s Haunted Hideaway: The 2nd Most Haunted Hotel in State, Offering Spine-Chilling Thrills Near Boulder

  What’s a haunted house without a moon in clouds for atmosphere? “The Castle Project” is a spine-chilling documentary that delves deep into the haunted history of the Patterson Inn, previously known as the Croke Patterson Mansion, located in Capitol Hill. This grandiose red sandstone mansion, constructed in 1890 by Thomas B. Croke, spans a […]

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Boulderado’s Spooky Tales Unveiled: Unearthing the Haunting History

Are you brave enough to explore the haunted history of the Hotel Boulderado? For over a century, the Hotel Boulderado has been a hub of activity, but beneath the hustle and bustle of the guests lies a spooky secret. From ghostly sightings to unexplained noises, the hotel has accumulated a variety of eerie tales that […]

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Boulder’s Haunting Neighbor: A Day Trip to the World-Famous Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel, located in Estes Park, Colorado, is a fantastic day trip destination from Boulder, just about a 45 minute drive away. This historic hotel has a rich history and is famous for its eerie reputation, inspiring Stephen King’s novel “The Shining.” Here are some fun facts about the Stanley Hotel: Historic Beginnings: The […]

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