In Boulder, the idea of having fun without alcohol isn’t just a possibility—it’s a lifestyle many embrace. Whether it’s to sharpen their edge in sports, boost overall health, or simply enjoy life’s moments more fully, Boulderites are finding that sober fun can be even more rewarding than the alternative. Here’s the how and why (in reverse order).

Why Go Sober in Boulder?

  • Memorable Moments: Being sober means being present. You’ll remember the laughs, the conversations, and the stunning views without the haze of alcohol. It’s about truly experiencing the moment and being able to share those stories later.
  • No Regrets: Skip the hangover and the bad decisions. Sober fun means you won’t have to deal with the aftermath of a night out gone wrong. You’re in control, feeling great, and free from the worries that come with drinking.
  • Self-Discovery: Without alcohol, you might find new hobbies or talents you never knew you had. It’s a chance to see yourself and others in a different light, uncovering passions and stories that might otherwise remain hidden.
  • Peak Performance: Going sober can help you achieve peak performance by enhancing your focus, mood, energy, and health. No more hangovers mean through-the-roof productivity in the mornings, whether that’s at your work desk or out on the trails.

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How to Go Sober in Boulder I:  Outdoor Adventures

Boulder’s natural beauty offers endless opportunities for sober fun. Here’s a taste of what you can do:

green trees on mountain during daytime green trees on mountain during daytime

How to Go Sober in Boulder II: Indoor Escapes

When you’re not soaking up the sun, Boulder’s indoor scene has plenty to offer too:

  • Tap into Boulder’s Sober Community. Sober A.F. Entertainment (SAFE) seeks to cultivate a vibrant and supportive sober community in the Boulder area where sober-centered locals can meet other sober friends and attend group sober events and activities, including concerts, festivals, sports games, yoga, meditation, and more.

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Conclusion: A Sober Boulder Awaits

Choosing to explore Boulder sober doesn’t mean missing out—it means discovering new ways to have a blast! It’s about connecting with friends, nature, and yourself on a deeper level. So, whether you’re scaling a mountain, sipping coffee at a local café, or dancing the night away, you’ll find that Boulder’s sober scene is as vibrant and full of life as any other. Embrace the clarity and joy that comes with sober curiosity and let Boulder’s spirit uplift you.

Dr. Brenna Bray, a local health and wellness coach, stress researcher, associate professor, and avid ultra-marathon mountain runner, holds PhDs in Biomedical Science, Neuroscience, and Complementary and Integrative Health. Her journey through an eating disorder fuels her dedication to coaching, merging personal experiences with scientific expertise. Through her practice, Bray empowers clients to access and harness their innate healing abilities and achieve remarkable health and wellness transformations. Committed to community engagement and holistic well-being, Dr. Bray shapes a brighter, healthier future for all. Learn more about Dr. Bray at