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Boulder’s Backyard Wonders: NORML Stewardship, Bush Beauty, and Maroon Bells Marvel

November 24th, 2023
Maroon Bells Fall

Maroon Bells, Colorado, Fall This particular picture is calmer, perhaps reflecting the time of year, the weather, the temperature, and what I was seeing. Calmer than the more typical sunny pictures of the Maroon Bells. This is a picture of the fall-colored bushes which dominate the scene, with the Bells in the background, playing second-fiddle for perhaps the first and last time. Maroon Bells is believed to be the most photographed spot in Colorado. That’s a bold statement, and likely true, IMO in my opinion it certainly would not be a bad choice. Happily, with the road improvements,... Read More

Photographer in Boulder Reveals Her Top 6 Favorite Photo Spots – Undiscovered Gems

March 13th, 2022

Local Boulder Photographer Ashlee Burke has some great locations for your next photo shoot. Boulder’s most famous and requested location for photos is Chautauqua Park. Don’t get me wrong, Chautauqua is absolutely beautiful! AND there are so many hidden gems that often get overlooked. Coot Lake is one location that never disappoints especially during the Fall. It has endless options; the lake, boardwalks, open fields, big beautiful cottonwood trees and places for kids to play and just be kids. Here are a few of my favorite overlooked locations that I love for family photo sessions: Walden Ponds Wonderland... Read More