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Fentanyl Facts: Beyond the Hype in Boulder

Hype or Horror? Is Fentanyl really a thousand times stronger than heroin, or is it all Boulder hype? ” Devil’s lettuce” and other less colorful references kept cannabis scary and illegal for many decades, and it turned out to be mostly nonsense. What about Fentanyl? What about naloxone, Narcan, available over-the-counter? The answer is “yes” […]

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Fentanyl in Boulder: Great Confusion, LOW prices make for DANGER!

Is Fentanyl a Boulder Danger or is it another government scare tactic? Is Fentanyl Really Dangerous? In short, yes it is.  It is dangerous for several reasons.  First, simplest, it is highly toxic in minuscule amounts. That means that to “dose”it, lab work must be extremely precise to avoid accidental overdose. Additionally, when a dealer […]

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