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Boulder Winter Rodent Repellant Recommendations

January 7th, 2024
a small rodent sitting inside of a black cup

  It’s that time of year again. In Boulder, we have a confluence of factors which drive mice into our homes. While mice are cute rodents and serve many purposes, joining us as uninvited house guests is not a purpose that many of us are fond of. Party crashers and not friends with invitations are motivated by the plummeting temperatures of winter in the Rockies to move into the house. Cute or not, they are absolutely not welcome. Underlying principles: Avoid poison, avoid torture. What is he talking about??? Many mouse repellent strategies present other problems which are perhaps worse... Read More

Pic of the Day! We Love Owls!

January 10th, 2022

Recently, the team at Wild Friends released a baby barn owl — a feathered fury affectionately dubbed as our “feistiest patient of the year.” Staff wore an owl mask to keep him from getting too attached to humans, but it did not stop him from screaming his banshee-like scream or from trying to attack every time he saw a human! That’s OK, though, because in wildlife rehabilitation, the feistier the patients, the better. Photo credit: National animal welfare organization working to end the killing in America’s shelters. Together, we will Save Them All. www.bestfriends.org  Read More