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Hump Day Hoopla Sunrise In Boulder: Saturday Evening Post Style!

A “Norman Rockwell Style” Saturday Evening Post Cover is classic. A painting of a painter painting themselves is a perspective employed by many of the greats over many years! It draws the viewer into the picture. It even has, in my opinion, an “Escheresque” quality to it. “Sublime” is a word I don’t use often. […]

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Boulder’s Motivational Manage of Many Colors: Useful and Magical!

Boulder Sunrises are frequently spectacular. Not just good, not just colorful, but spectacular. Does that serve a purpose? Absolutely! The physics are simple. It takes energy to get from lying down to sitting up to getting dressed and out the door. Out the door” can mean going to another room to crank up a computer, […]

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Boulder Sundown: Float Tubes AND Paint Tubes Shared For Beauty.

A Sunset Float Down Boulder Creek Provides a Fitting Part of a Shared Experience. Lighting Courtesy of the Sun Setting Boulder Sunsets are romantic. There is no better, no simpler, and no happier time of day for outdoor lighting. This CU Buff couple and their friends are reveling in the joy of the sunset light […]

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Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day!

Meet Nick. Nick is a current CU Art major. He frequently creates ceramic pieces and psychedelia-themed paintings. Falling in love with art at a young age, he has been able to keep his passion alive by finding inspiration in just about everything. “I don’t aim to make any statements with my work,” he grins, “I […]

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