Monday - January 30, 2023

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The Problem with Pickleball

January 24th, 2023

Late last summer, following the fast-growing trend, my gym made the decision to convert the entirety of its rooftop tennis courts into Pickleball courts. I get it. Pickleball is low-impact and all-inclusive. I see husbands and wives playing, the coordinated and the not-so-coordinated playing, the fit and not-quite-as fit, and plenty of elderly. Sometimes all on the same court! Gyms are now considered Judge Free Zones – so I accepted the change, tried not to judge, and moved on. A few months later, the gym continued its deconstruction by converting the indoor basketball court into permanent Pickleball... Read More

America’s Fastest-Growing Sport now in Boulder

July 14th, 2022

Pickleball was invented in 1965 by three middle-aged fathers in Washington state, pickleball is a quirky cross among tennis, pingpong and badminton, played with a paddle and a perforated plastic ball. According to Athletic Lift, the founders are said to have named the game after a family dog called Pickles. The game has over 4.8 million people now playing , which is almost double the number from just five years ago, according to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association. We are fortunate that Boulder has courts all over town. You can now play or learn the game of Pickleball. Boulder’s Pickleball... Read More