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Boulder Celebrates the Top Ten Toke Triumphs of the Last Ten Years.

January 3rd, 2024
man sitting on mountain cliff facing white clouds rising one hand at golden hour

Success is EASY! Just Work Hard! It’s been 10 years since Boulder and Colorado launched the first legal recreational marijuana market in the world and became a pioneer in drug reform. Ten years ago, 2015,     Colorado experienced its first legal marijuana sales. As always, Colorado was a nationwide leader. Now, after well over a decade of work by activists, civilians, legislators, medical people, laboratory experts, marketing experts,  and the rest of us, we have marijuana sales recreationaly and medically. We have a lab-tested safe source of marijuana, absent mold, pesticides, and other... Read More

Looking Back ~ The Real Facts of the Keystone Pipeline

December 1st, 2022

Recently there has been a lot of discussion pertaining to the Keystone XL Pipeline, and whether or not to allow for the construction of it has become an even hotter debate.  Many people have taken sides and it can be difficult to find the objective truths on the matter.  The following is the truth that can be distilled out of what both sides of this controversial pipeline claim. According to TransCanada, the makers of the Keystone XL Pipeline, “[The Keystone XL Pipeline] will not only bring essential infrastructure to North American oil producers, but it will also provide jobs, long-term... Read More