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Snow Shoveling Controversy in Boulder with Surround Sound Shovels

I am sensitive to snow shoveling in Boulder. My Grandmother taught that if you did not have a strong brain you’d better have strong legs. I have weak thighs!  I have to rely upon my brain. Some think that presents me with a huge hurdle.  I have experienced some rather dramatic health challenges, and at […]

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Bitter Boulder Buff Arctic Blast

Winter frigid mornings in Boulder, land of the BUFFS, look different, feel different and sound different. It even smells different. The snow crunches underfoot, our breaths are frosty, and early risers are in for a bit of a cold shock! Of course extra care for bikes and cars is mandatory. Care for the machinery and […]

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Forecasting Boulder’s Winter: Lenworth’s Chilling Revelation

Boulderites KNOW that only fools and tourists predict Boulder weather. That used to be true. I believe or at least strongly suspect that the extreme weather we’ve been seeing worldwide is the result in most significant part of climate change. Floods, rains, high temps, low temps, snow amounts, glaciers melting, and on and on. Short […]

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Alaskan Malamute Playing in Deep Snow

Why Boulderites Do NOT Shovel Snow After Age 45

In Boulder, we know that shoveling snow is potentially dangerous. Is that a tale or reality? It is REALITY! The “normal” list of dangers leaves out one oddball fact adding to the danger of shoveling snow. With luck, the system hitting us now will be mainly cold without the bonus of snow. The winter is […]

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Boulder Colorado Air Quality

A Day on Boulder Creek

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