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Boulder Cell Phone Sanity IS Possible!

mm Have you ever had a cell phone call dropped, whether it is a Boulder to Boulder call or a Boulder to Mexico or to Iceland call? If that has not happened to you, you have never used a cell phone! Is it possible to ease any of the stress and annoyance associated with simple […]

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Self-Care: Your Secret Weapon For Acing Mid-Terms & Stress

Stress is inevitable. This is especially true for the 50% of the Boulder population who are college students dealing with exams, assignments, deadlines, and – this week – midterms. While some stress can be beneficial and motivating, too much can have negative impacts on physical and mental health. With mid-terms upon us, it can be tempting […]

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Meditation: The New Vegetable in Town

Meditation is an ancient practice that trains the mind to observe and regulate its own activity. It has been used for centuries by Hindu and Buddhist practitioners to cultivate attention, insight, and spirituality (1,2). More recently, meditation has been adopted and adapted by Western science and medicine as a way to enhance well-being, reduce stress, […]

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