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Boulder Sunrise #12 In Red

May 8th, 2024

  Why is there a Boulder flower picture above a sunrise? Because I’m writing this blog, and I can <G> <Grin>. I think that sunrise has a distinct positive mental health impact. It relieves depression I suspect. Speaking of depression, I was counseling a client by phone. His Doc and his peeps wanted him to take anti-depressants and he was very reluctant. I explained to him that regardless of his need for the medication, if he took the anti-depressants, everyone around him would be happier and less depressed! I also promised a flower. Courtesy of a neighbor’s hard work... Read More

Boulder’s Bear Peak and Green Mt: A Red Sunrise!

May 5th, 2024

Pic Lenny Lensworth Frieling My Boulder-Bizarre sleeping habit are suited to a 4:30 AM blog. It is also suited, currently, for meteor viewing  before dawn as well as being up for sunrises. The view of the sun lighting the Front Range and turning it red is truly heartwarming. Was Polonius right, when in Hamlet, giving advice to his son Laertes on going into the world on going into the world, says “Brevity is the soul of wit.” His soliloquy is the definition of useless advice. so I’ll take it of course. Astonishing, Wikipedia and Shakespeare came to the same conclusion, “a... Read More

Boulder Sunrise Admirers: Sunrise Is To Be Seen by Pooches and Their Pals!

April 12th, 2024

Do animals in Boulder and elsewhere admire scenery? Dogs? Buffaloes? Buffs? Interestingly the answer is “yes!” I can speak to dogs from personal repeated experience. Falkor was a border collie mix. She was rescued from Longmont Humane after 6 weeks or so living out in the cold in the winter as a young puppy. As a working dog she was without equal, but that’s for another blog. Today I want to chat about Falkor the Tourist. When we went for a ride with Debi, Falkor, and me, from Boulder to Rocky Mountain National Park, Falkor spent almost the entire drive staring out the window.... Read More

Boulder’s Eldorado Springs Part II, Sunrise and the Rocks

April 6th, 2024

Sunrise South Boulder Creek, Eldorado Springs Eldorado Springs Cliff Looking forward to climbing a cliff? Lenny Lensworth Frieling Shared Knowledge is Power!  Read More

Boulder Bard Tribute: Boulder Buff Thanks!

April 4th, 2024

A sunrise by any other name would still a sunrise be. Thanks Shelomi For Bringing Your Magic To The Team And To Boulder! We Are All Richer For It. Lenny Lensworth Frieling Shared Knowledge Is Power!  Read More

Boulder’s Flatirons: Fantastic Engineering Feats Over 280 Million Years Old!

April 2nd, 2024

  It’s ironic that the Flatirons were both formed by uplifting, and are in fact uplifting. Symbol of Boulder, The Famous Flatirons. We say it at least once a day. We blog about it, paint it, and it is part of our visual daily existence. But WHAT ARE THEY? What are the Flatirons? The Boulder Flatirons are a series of striking, slanted, red sandstone formations located on the western edge of Boulder, Colorado. Towering over the city and the University of Colorado campus, these iconic landmarks are part of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains and serve as a majestic backdrop that defines... Read More

Boulder’s Motivational Manage of Many Colors: Useful and Magical!

March 25th, 2024

Boulder Sunrises are frequently spectacular. Not just good, not just colorful, but spectacular. Does that serve a purpose? Absolutely! The physics are simple. It takes energy to get from lying down to sitting up to getting dressed and out the door. Out the door” can mean going to another room to crank up a computer, pound coffee by the pound, chomp cheesecake like a champ, and read the Monday Morning Motivational Missive. Since there is time during the day, after coffee, to read, to learn, to study and to enjoy the colors of sunrise and of the day, what does that leave? How do we motivate... Read More

Perspectives in Boulder: An Exploration through Paintings, Perspectives, and Points of View

March 24th, 2024

Stained Glass Sunrise or Stained Glass Horizon Setting? Is There Any Real Difference? Sunrise over the Boulder Valley. OR Horizon-Setting in the Morning? Does the sun rise over Boulder or does the horizon set? Is there any difference? Is Sunday morning a great time to chat about dimensional convenience? What IS dimensional convenience? EASY! We pick our “dimensions” depending upon the problem we are approaching. The answer changes as the question changes. I cannot resist another example. To drive from Boulder to Denver we ignore that the earth is curved; that it is a grapefruit. We... Read More

Sunrise Over Boulder: Saturday Saturated Sky Spectacular Scene to Behold!

March 23rd, 2024

Boulder SUNRISE is a daily celebration of the start of a new day. The colors as colors tend to do, inspire. The pics speak for themselves Lenny Lensworth Frieling Shared Knowledge is Power!  Read More

Boulder Pre-Snow Sunrise Surprise

March 14th, 2024

Once again Boulder Hump Day makes its appearance. “Hump Day,” colloquially known as Wednesday, is a term that has become deeply embedded in the cultural fabric of the workweek, particularly in the context of the traditional Monday through Friday, 9-to-5 schedule. The term evokes a sense of achievement and relief, symbolizing the midpoint of the workweek, after which the “hump” of the week has been overcome and the descent towards the weekend begins. The significance of Hump Day goes beyond its literal placement in the week. It represents a psychological milestone, a beacon... Read More