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Boulderites Still Taking Warm Weather Vacations?

April 22nd, 2024

It’s about the time of year when Boulderites vacation by staying right here in the magnificent valley. It is still possible for us to another snow down here at mile high, and nights on Key West can still be rather cool. Neither will be true for long as summer rapidly approaches. Snow skis are being  replaced by water skis here at home. On this second most famous of the Florida Keys, with Key Largo being the most famous, sunsets are taken to a unique new level. People gather near Mallory Square to watch the sunsets. Schooners are chartered to sail back and forth parallel to the shore as the... Read More

Boulder Holiday Sundown, Spring Sunup. Warmth Arrives!

March 31st, 2024

  Spring approaches The Boulder Valley going tourist. We become the avid tourists enjoying the sites usually enjoyed by our visitors. On the way to Estes Park we pass the well known  St. Malo’s Church on the Peak to Peak highway. If the weather report is right, warm weather is bearing down on us fast! Sunset Over The Boulder Valley Sunset Over The West The Sun Sets Through The Unusual Notch South of Longs Peak Lenny Lensworth Frieling Shared Knowledge Is Power!  Read More

Perspectives in Boulder: An Exploration through Paintings, Perspectives, and Points of View

March 24th, 2024

Stained Glass Sunrise or Stained Glass Horizon Setting? Is There Any Real Difference? Sunrise over the Boulder Valley. OR Horizon-Setting in the Morning? Does the sun rise over Boulder or does the horizon set? Is there any difference? Is Sunday morning a great time to chat about dimensional convenience? What IS dimensional convenience? EASY! We pick our “dimensions” depending upon the problem we are approaching. The answer changes as the question changes. I cannot resist another example. To drive from Boulder to Denver we ignore that the earth is curved; that it is a grapefruit. We... Read More

Boulder’s Date Night Adventure: Chic to Creek

March 23rd, 2024

Debi and Falkor on the way to the Flagstaff House for a very special date adventure, Boulder style. Boulderites date with panache, class, and versatility. From car service to creek surface, we have to go into training to get ready for the date. In other places, date preparation means checking your hair, double checking your tie knot, confirming your Flagstaff House reservation, and being ready when the limo arrives. Any excuse to wear a tux and cuff links is an evening off to a great start! Having made my own cuff links adds to the je ne sais quoi. Dressed to the “9’s,” we are... Read More

Boulder Sundown: Float Tubes AND Paint Tubes Shared For Beauty.

March 21st, 2024

A Sunset Float Down Boulder Creek Provides a Fitting Part of a Shared Experience. Lighting Courtesy of the Sun Setting Boulder Sunsets are romantic. There is no better, no simpler, and no happier time of day for outdoor lighting. This CU Buff couple and their friends are reveling in the joy of the sunset light in the twilight of a warm spring-like day. For us as Boulderites, this is another sunset of romance to be celebrated individually and with a group. The vibes are strong, clear, and wonderful! The emotional impact of the picture depends upon the time of day depicted, All of the rest is along... Read More

Fabulous Friday Finally Arrives in Boulder. Festivities and Family Await!

March 1st, 2024

  Cool! Ongoing Boulder Success!  We made it, and we succeeded! Were my true feelings to be expressed, I’d have way too many exclamation points in the punctuation. After almost 50 years of legal writing with perhaps not a single “!!!” or even a simple “!”  Using bold was a bold move. Italics were ok if used properly.   We motivated on Monday, kicked it on Tuesday, humped it on Wednesday,  and defined Thursday. we find ourselves having, once again, made it to another Friday. If that is not cause for a weekly celebration, I don’t know what is. I realize... Read More

Surreal Boulder Sunset from Flagstaff, Inspirational Spiritual Survey of Our Surroundings

February 25th, 2024

  This imaginative impression of sunset viewed from Flagstaff Mountain looking out over our Boulder Valley is, as always inspirational. It inspires the artists, the viewers, and repeats that genius daily! I am reflecting upon just how lucky we are to live here. Other places might be just fine, and may have their own strengths and inspirations. WE have BOULDER!  That is the very epitome of good fortune. As they say in real estate, “location,location, location.” We have all three!!! Lensworth Shared Knowledge is Power  Read More

Return to Boulder. Super Day, Superbowl, Sun Set in Florida

February 11th, 2024

Sunset Over Florida As I Fly Home. Back to Boulder! As the sun sets over the Florida East Coast the sun also sets of my Florida vacation. At least it is not a shock of cold and snow.  Wait, wait, that’s wrong. I have to admit that the weather in Florida when I left was amazing.  The trip was amazing, and gives me this opportunity to share some of my pics. Hat’s off to Delta Airlines. They got me to Florida, and more importantly they flew me home. While I could wax eloquently, I’ll leave waxing to the moon!  Their effort was effective and excellent. This is Lensworth At Large,... Read More

Sundown Thursday Sunrise

January 25th, 2024

  As always, the lighting on the mountains  and the lighting on clouds is never the same. If we insist on being technical, this is a sunrise, not a sunset. BUT I love the image. And if a reader were to see this in the morning, Friday morning for example, then we’d have the sun coming up at sunrise. That is just the type of astonishing coincidences that intrigue me. I mean what are the chances that the sun will rise daily, and that this daily event will occur, with astonishing regularity, at sunrise?. What are the odds??? Welcome to another Friday! Friday has to be, for so many of us,... Read More

Saturday Sundown in Boulder. BUFFS, REST TONIGHT, WIN TOMORROW!!!

January 20th, 2024

I admit it. As one Boulderite to another, I am addicted. The rapidity of the addiction is scary, and I caution all of you! Beware of the addictive Lady Buffs’ Basketball! After only ONE game, against UCLA, I have already gotten tickets for tomorrow, Sunday’s game. PAC 12 USC is visiting, hopefully for the lessons that our BUFFS are happy to teach them! There are many reasons for my sudden addiction, including discovering that I enjoy the superstar women’s play more than the men’s basketball games. I like the skill, the heart, the speed, and the vibes. I like the length... Read More