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Boulder’s Date Night Adventure: Chic to Creek

Debi and Falkor on the way to the Flagstaff House for a very special date adventure, Boulder style.

Boulderites date with panache, class, and versatility. From car service to creek surface, we have to go into training to get ready for the date. In other places, date preparation means checking your hair, double checking your tie knot, confirming your Flagstaff House reservation, and being ready when the limo arrives. Any excuse to wear a tux and cuff links is an evening off to a great start! Having made my own cuff links adds to the je ne sais quoi. Dressed to the “9’s,” we are ready for the on-time limo pick up. We head up the mountain to the deservedly famous and fantastic Flagstaff Mountain for dinner at the Flagstaff House. Calling the true Bacchanalian feast “dinner out” is a true understatement. Might as well call The French Laundry, Thomas Keller’s flagship restaurant in Napa, a fast food snack! “Dinner” alone is a unique experience, and that is before the menus are placed on the table.

While considered special in and of itself in most places of the world, we’re Boulderites, and certainly not done with our sunset date quite yet!

After dinner, a dinner which is a stand-alone blog of Boulder’s Best dinner out, we re-board the waiting limo and head down the hill to Boulder Creek. It is a short ride down Flagstaff Mountain, North on Broadway to Eben Fine Park and Boulder Creek. The back of the limo is perfect for changing from evening dress-up to float tube clothing. We had arrived at the Flagstaff House for an EARLY dinner so that we could be  in our inner tubes and on the creek in time for sunset. Call it a “second dessert, Boulder date style.”

As warmer weather arrives, the snow melt raises the level of Boulder Creek The high water volume makes for rough water and exciting tubing. This is a GREAT opportunity to break out your life vest. Given the choice of floating or sinking, I’ll take floating.

Lenny Lensworth Frieling

Shared Knowledge is Power! “Fish are jumpin’ and the water is high!” [Porgy and Bess, Gershwin, Summertime].

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