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Boulder’s Southern Fried Chicken Paradise: Top 8 Ranked Spots Revealed

October 1st, 2023

Boulder, Colorado, stands out as a true foodie paradise, and the love for Southern fried chicken among University students is just one delicious testament to this culinary haven. What makes Boulder a gastronomic delight is its vibrant and diverse food scene, offering a plethora of dining options that cater to every palate, including the cravings of Southern fried chicken enthusiasts. Firstly, the presence of the University of Colorado in Boulder brings a youthful energy and a constant demand for comfort food, making Southern fried chicken a cherished favorite among students. The local eateries... Read More

Stout Month at The Mountain Sun, or, an Afternoon in Boulder’s Most ‘Boulder’ Brewpub

February 22nd, 2015
Mountain Sun Boulder

I realize, writing an editorial about The Mountain Sun to Boulderites is much like a movie critic extolling the cinematic genius of Dr. Zhivago. I also realize that writing a piece on The Mountain Sun’s Stout Month to Boulderites is much like a music critic venturing to the Monterey Pop Festival, and saying the music was “pretty great.” Let’s face it: The Mountain Sun is a Boulder institution. Their yearly homage to dark and malty beer, Stout Month, has become a tradition for the denizens of Boulder since the celebration began 22 years ago. So, for anyone who has yet ventured... Read More