Say hello to Cherie!

Taking her dog Emery on walks in our amazing state is just one of the things this Florida native loves to do since moving to Colorado 2 years ago. “The magnificent, incredible views and weather are unbeatable!” she said when I asked what drew her here. Cherie manages two full service salons in Longmont and Ft. Collins which keep her extremely busy but when she does have a bit of downtime she heads west. Hiking, driving through the mountains and camping are all things she loves to do with her family. When she can’t get outdoors, relaxing or working on ceramics are two things she enjoys.

With five grown children and six grand children, family is a big part of life for Cherie. Family dinners and playing games with her children and grandkids that live locally are a regular event. She and her husband homeschooled their children all the way through high school back in Florida and now two of the five live here while the other three remain in the South. Cherie has also always been active in both her community and church no matter where she has lived.

From a young age, Cherie began a career as a hair stylist and has kept her hand in the field ever since. By the time her kids were grown she decided to jump back in focusing on management. She transferred her job from Tampa to Longmont to manage one location but it wasn’t long before she was asked to oversee a second store as well.

Cherie, I appreciate you taking some time for me!