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Return to Boulder. Super Day, Superbowl, Sun Set in Florida

February 11th, 2024

Sunset Over Florida As I Fly Home. Back to Boulder! As the sun sets over the Florida East Coast the sun also sets of my Florida vacation. At least it is not a shock of cold and snow.  Wait, wait, that’s wrong. I have to admit that the weather in Florida when I left was amazing.  The trip was amazing, and gives me this opportunity to share some of my pics. Hat’s off to Delta Airlines. They got me to Florida, and more importantly they flew me home. While I could wax eloquently, I’ll leave waxing to the moon!  Their effort was effective and excellent. This is Lensworth At Large,... Read More

Future Legends: Skating Through the Pee Wee Hockey League

February 9th, 2024

  Traveling from Boulder to Florida can be very confusing. For example in Florida, people drive on the “wrong” side of the road, like in England. Florida clocks are different by hours, and for 4 hours a day the dates are different! My confusion was exacerbated when my Florida family said, on a 71 degree F, 22 degrees C day “let’s go to a hockey game! Our great friends gave us four tickets for tonight’s game, Panthers vs Washington!  12th Row, Section 120, at the home team’s twice defended goal!” Of course we said “yes,” and went to a... Read More

Boulderite’s Warm Bird Watching Rewarded

February 5th, 2024

                           Pic Sherrie Frieling Warm weather Florida adventure continues! My sister Sherrie Frieling, who I’ve known to be a wonderful photographer, showed me the shots she got. I admit to jealousy, and under threat of me staying an extra week she agreed to share some of her Anhinga snakebird pics with me. For a non-Boulderite I have to confess that she did really wonderfully with these. The Anhinga, often referred to as the “snakebird” due to its long, slender neck that resembles a snake when it swims with its body submerged, is a... Read More

Boulder’s Warm Weather Seekers Experience the Wonder of Wood Ducks

February 5th, 2024

  Male and Female Wood Ducks                              Pic  Sherrie Frieling Boulder‘s warm weather Wood ducks inhabit wooded swamps, marshes, streams, and lakes across North America, particularly favoring areas that provide dense canopy cover. This preference for wooded environments is unique among ducks and is reflected in their name. They are cavity nesters, relying on tree holes to lay their eggs, which distinguishes them from most other waterfowl that nest on the ground. Conservation efforts, including the provision of nesting boxes, have been... Read More

Warm Weather Winged Wonders

February 3rd, 2024

  I hear rumors that https://www.aboutboulder.com is getting more than a little snow. Although it is only 44 deg here in the AM, it is not snowing in Central Florida. A ride through the bird and alligator sanctuary in Mt. Dora was one photo op after another. As usual, most were “del now!” but a couple do have me smiling, and I hope they do the same for you. We watched ducks and coots all morning, and had  duck for dinner. It was store-bought! Here are a lot of pictures and few words. Pic Lenworth     Pic Lensworth     Teaser, Pic Lensworth    Read More

Boulderite Visits a Warm Climate to Ogle Orchids

February 2nd, 2024

We now know how to pack and we’re in central Florida. This Boulder Boy spent the afternoon drooling on orchids at Krull Smith Orchids. I had to be careful since over-watering does not agree with them. They are perhaps the biggest orchid growers in the country. I think I took about 2500 pictures, and selected a couple for this blog. The first, to me, looks like a person, eyebrows, looking at us and makes me laugh each time I look at it. Lensworth Pic Orchids, belonging to the Orchidaceae family, are a mesmerizing and diverse group of flowering plants known for their exotic beauty and astonishing... Read More

Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day!

November 7th, 2023

Mike and Laura’s love story began a few years ago after he walked from California to Florida. It took him two and a half months, but it was worth it. He met her walking her dog in a park. “She was totally out of my league,” he told me with a beaming smile, but they finally talked.”It’s the first time I’ve put roots down anywhere.” Now, they’re traveling together across the US. He brought her here because it’s one of his favorite spots. “I hope it stays this warm,” she said. “I really love the people here. I’d love to stay.”  Read More

Colorado Cannabis Athletes go Coast to Coast

September 1st, 2018

My wife Heather and I just returned to our home in Colorado from Miami, Florida this week. We were speaking at the U.S. Cannabis Conference and Expo about epilepsy, and the benefits of cannabis for fitness. We’ve had the opportunity to speak several times in Colorado this year, but this was our first time educating on the East Coast! In April of this year we spoke about the benefits of hemp for athletes at the Terpenes and Testing Magazine World Conference, in San Jose, CA. Now that we’ve had the chance to speak in Florida, we’ve officially covered the U.S. coast to coast in our efforts to... Read More

Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day!

February 14th, 2016

  In honor of Valentine’s Day, I am featuring MY love as today’s Face of Boulder! Meet my husband David, everyone! (how great is that beard?!) This loving, hardworking (and handsome, if I do say so myself) husband and father moved to Colorado a year and a half ago. David was born in New York and moved to Florida when he was 12. After far too many years enduring the humidity, he was ready for a change so he packed up and moved to Lafayette, sight unseen! David has been working in the electrical trade since he graduated high school and continues here as a foreman for a Denver based contractor.... Read More

Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day!

January 24th, 2016

Say hello to Cherie! Taking her dog Emery on walks in our amazing state is just one of the things this Florida native loves to do since moving to Colorado 2 years ago. “The magnificent, incredible views and weather are unbeatable!” she said when I asked what drew her here. Cherie manages two full service salons in Longmont and Ft. Collins which keep her extremely busy but when she does have a bit of downtime she heads west. Hiking, driving through the mountains and camping are all things she loves to do with her family. When she can’t get outdoors, relaxing or working on ceramics are two... Read More