1. In 1953, Dale Johnson climbed the third peak on roller skates using ropes and belays.
  2. They have a 55-degree slope on average.
  3. A white “CU” was painted on the side of the third flatiron until the city painted over it in 1980. For those with particularly sharp eyes, it can still be seen.
  4. In 2010, Stefan Griebel speed-climbed the east face of the third Flatiron in only 5 minutes 59 seconds.
  5. The rocks are nearly 300 million years old and took their current shape around 60 million years ago.
  6. The Flatirons are also referred to as “The Craqs” and “Chatauqua Slabs.”
  7. The rock is composed of feldspar-rich sandstone.


The Flatirons are a group of flatiron rock formations in the western United States, in Boulder, Colorado. The term “The Flatirons” sometimes refers to the five large, numbered Flatirons that run from north to south (First through Fifth, respectively) along the east slope of Green Mountain (elevation 8,148 ft or 2,484 m). There are numerous other named Flatirons on the southern part of Green Mountain, Bear Peak, and in the surrounding foothills.

The First and Second Flatirons Loop is a 2.7-mile widely traveled loop route situated near Boulder, Colorado. It is categorized as moderate and features magnificent wildflowers. The trail is best used from April through October for hiking, running, rock climbing, and snowshoeing. This trail is also dog-friendly.



photo via: pixabay