From Zoom Weddings to Drive-By Birthdays: Life Goes On

Bride and groom Erin Hensley and Dustin Smith hosted a Zoom wedding in Colorado this week with over 40 guests in attendance and a cardboard cutout of the father-of-the-bride to accompany her down the “aisle.” In Arvada, a 102 year old woman celebrated her birthday with a drive-by birthday parade attended by family, officers, and firefighters.

Jeffco Music Teacher Rickroll Students in Zoom Meeting

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teachers want you to know that we miss you, and can’t wait to make music
together again. Music connects us—that’s just how we “roll”! <a
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25, 2020</a></blockquote>
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Jeffco music teachers all came together on trumpets, drums, violins, and a xylophone to rickroll students, saying “Jeffco Music teachers want you to know that we miss you, and can’t wait to make music together again,” the school district said in a tweet. “Music connects us—that’s just how we ‘roll’!”

Broncos Brandon McManus Pledged 20,000 Meals

The Denver Broncos announced that they will be pledging 100,000 meals to Food Bank of the Rockies to help those affected by coronavirus. Kicker Brandon McManus has said that he will be pledging 20,000 meals through his Project McManus Foundation. “This gift from the Broncos and Joe Ellis along with Brandon McManus exemplifies their immense generosity, leadership, and care for people facing hunger as we fight this pandemic,” Food Bank of the Rockies CEO Erin Pulling said in a news release.


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