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5 Facts About the Flu Shot

There’s a whole host of misinformation regarding the flu shot, and with this season set to be a particularly nasty year, it’s important to dispel any myths.

1. The flu season generally runs from late October to May. You will need a new flu shot for every flu season as the virus changes between seasons

2. Flu vaccines can fight multiple strains of the flu, and will help lessen symptoms if you do get the flu

3. The flu vaccine protects 40-60% of people on average every year. Even if you claim to never get sick without the flu shot, you may actually be symptomless but still passing on the flu to other vulnerable populations–so you should still get the flu shot

4. Younger and older populations may need more than one dose of the flu shot; consult with your doctor if this is the case

5. You cannot get the flu from a flu shot as it is not a live virus. You may, however, feel achy or feverish in the days following the vaccine as your body is building antibodies; this does not mean you are sick


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