The Denver magazine 5280 is highlighting the city’s ever-growing craft coffee culture in its latest issue. In addition to local cafe recommendations, the cover story also includes at-home brewing instructions and two glossary of terms for words you’re likely to find either on a bag of beans or on a coffeeshop menu. Not to self-promote conceitedly, but the magazine spread reads like a handy summary of my past posts here on this blog. 


image courtesy of Pexels

5280‘s list of recommendations ​is definitely worth ​reading, especially if you’re looking for a new spot to enjoy a cup of joe. The only thing missing is a nod to Pablo’s, one of the ​city’s oldest local roasters (celebrating its 20th anniversary this year). Pablo’s two Cap Hill locations offer solid go-to coffee, which many Denver residents site as their favorite.

Overall, the article is a good starter guide for navigating the Mile High’s impressive artisanal coffee scene. As Charles Lambert–roaster at Boxcar Coffee–mentions in the magazine, Denver’s roasteries offer an excitingly wide variety of coffee: “I think Denver is becoming one of the top coffee cities in the country. As a relative newcomer to the national scene, we don’t have those one or two really big companies that just dominate the market. This allows us all to be a little more agile and take more risks.” For more about the culture of third-wave coffee nationwide (as well as in Boulder), read here.