Forever committed to the community of Boulder County, About Boulder is pleased to announce a new rentable truck at the McGuckin’s parking lot as part of our new partnership with eGo CarShare! When you need to bring something a little to big to carry home, or cannot fit it in your car, you can now rent the AboutBoulder truck brought to you by E-go Carshare and all is well!

We are proud to be partnered with eGo CarShare, who are doing great things for the community through giving more people access to transportation and also through promoting more sustainable options for transportation. According to eGo CarShare, “research has shown that after joining a roundtrip carshare service like eGo, members walk 40% more, ride public transit 34% more, bike 18% more, and reduce their Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) by over 40%”.


On top of it all, eGo CarShare is now in Longmont! According to Karen Worminghaus, eGo CarShare’s director, “We’re thrilled to be able to expand our network of vehicles to Longmont and bring new multimodal options to residents there. We feel that carsharing can bring great benefits to the community of Longmont, particularly some underserved populations.”

In celebration of this partnership, eGo CarShare is offering a fee of only $10 for joining. Simply use the code  AboutBoulder15 when joining on their website!

eGo Carshare is well known in Boulder County for bringing access to affordable transportation options to those who need it most. They do this by providing free or discounted rates for B-cycle bicycles, eGo Carshares, and subsidized ecopasses. For more information on options available in your area, please see their Affordable Housing Multi-modal Toolkits.