Photo Courtesy of Avid4 Adventure

Even in an active community like Boulder, children aren’t immune to the sedentary lifestyle that accompanies the tech revolution. Luckily, Boulder is rife with summer and school programs to compete with Angry Birds and PAW Patrol. Perhaps the most active and socially conscious program is Advid4 Adventure. This premier summer camp is on a mission to give kids the confidence and skills to participate in (and love) outdoor activities.

Avid4 Adventure’s founder, David Secunda, notes the positive environmental and health impacts of connecting children with nature on the company website.

“Avid4 Adventure was born out of my desire to give kids a love of outdoor activity,” Secunda says, “and to ensure the future caretaking of our planet.”

The program offers day camps and overnight camps which feature a variety of outdoor activities for kids of all skill levels.

Some of the activities Boulder Avid4 kids participate in?

  • Biking
  • Outdoor Cooking
  • Introduction to Skateboarding
  • Kayaking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Survival Skills
  • Leadership For Girls

From pre-k to 12th grade, Avid4 Adventure offers children and teens innumerable opportunities to build confidence, coordination, and character. And, equally important are the lessons campers learn about sustainability, empathy, and the importance of environmental consciousness.

The dedicated instructors mentor the campers and encourage them to take risks (in a safe and accepting environment, of course).  The opportunity to try new things and persevere in the presence of peers is one of the most valuable experiences that occur at Avid4 Adventure’s camps.

Encourage your kid to trade in their iPhone charger for a paddleboard this summer and watch them transform before your eyes.

Click here to request information about Avid4 Adventure’s programs.

Katy Caballeros moved to Boulder from Grand Rapids, MI. She studied English and writing at Aquinas College and pursued a liberal arts career path gone crooked, occupying jobs ranging from telemarketer to kindergarten phonics tutor. Passionate about local advocacy, Katy admires Boulder’s proclivity towards progress, scholarship, and environmentalism. When she isn’t writing or listening to KUNC, Katy likes to explore local cafes and bookstores with her partner, Em. Passionate about motivating young people, Katy is an assistant coach for the Boulder High School cheerleading team (Go Panthers!). Grateful to be welcomed into the Boulder community, Katy wants to give back by informing Boulderites about the best places to play and visit in their community.