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Boulder Bowzer, Fido Endorsed, Dog Du Jour: The Boulder Bird-Dog

Fido suggested that a satire-working dog would be a good choice for a Saturday Fido picked Boulder dog of the day. Who am I to argue?

This most unusual dog has an odd survival mechanism. It can appear to be a bird! Normal dog predators, like fleas, ticks, and lions, flea in the face of a dedicated bird! A beak, talons, and a fierce scream are all that it takes for the bird-dog to have an  effective survival mechanism.

Physiologically, the bird-dog has three large wings, a beak, and looks like a nightmare of a cat-bird-seat. Although it strongly resists having its picture taking for fear of scaring someone, I did catch a snapshot to share with all of you. Cannis Flyus Birdius

If you happen to spot this unusual animal. PLEASE sit down, take a deep breath, and call for assistance. Walking a trail can be quite dangerous if you’ve seen one of these! Bird dogs are highly valued by many, are very smart, and are more dog than bird.  Although “bird-dogs” are historically used to assist in the hunting of pheasants, chuckers, and other “upland game birds,” that is not our focus. We are more interested in how they behave, how they relate to people and to each other, and how cute they are. These dogs are winners!

May the wind be over your port bow and may your sunscreen be thick.


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