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Boulder Tuesday: The Early Bird Catches the Coyote!


All photos Lenny Lensworth Frieling

Having coyotes in our Boulder suburban back yard is thrilling. Seeing them in daylight is a tad curious and certainly attention-getting. What has us puzzled is the SIZE of our latest visitors. This one, likely the large male, is the biggest coyote either Debi or I have seen. Even the somewhat smaller one, possibly a large female, was huge. The spindly long legs of the typical coyote were also missing, replaced by the thighs and calves of an athlete. The male, at the shoulders, was taller than our outside table!

This Big Boy Stands Taller Than The Table!

The size of a coyote in Colorado is 20-40 pounds, 9-18 kilograms. This one could have been 40 pounds, although is appeared to be at least that if not a little more.

The Coyote Kept Eyeing The Tree’s Upper Branches. We do have owls.     pic Lensworth

Here’s the nitty gritty on Colorado’s suburban animalia fera

Suburban Colorado finds itself at a unique crossroads where the untamed wilderness meets the expanses of human habitation, creating an environment where coyotes, those clever and adaptable canines, have flourished. These animals, originally inhabitants of prairies and deserts, have proven remarkably adept at navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by the suburban landscapes of Colorado. Their presence in these areas is a testament to their incredible adaptability and the changing nature of North American ecosystems.

In Colorado’s suburbs, coyotes have become a common sight, adapting their behaviors to coexist with human neighbors. They scavenge and hunt in the green spaces that dot residential areas, taking advantage of the abundance of food sources that these areas provide. From small mammals and birds to garbage and pet food left outside, coyotes have diversified their diet to thrive in suburban settings. However, this proximity to humans has its challenges. Conflicts arise, particularly concerning the safety of pets and small children, leading communities to seek ways to coexist peacefully with these wild residents.

Education and adaptation are key. Colorado communities are learning to secure trash, avoid feeding wildlife, and protect pets, especially at dawn and dusk when coyotes are most active. Through such measures, they aim to minimize negative interactions, respecting the coyotes’ role in the local ecosystem. Coyotes, in their turn, contribute to controlling rodent populations and removing carrion, playing their part in the ecological balance.

The presence of coyotes in suburban Colorado highlights the intersection of human and wildlife habitats, offering a reminder of the resilience of nature and the importance of fostering a harmonious coexistence with the wild inhabitants of our planet.

Google ID  confirmed the “coyote” identification.        pic Lensworth

Lenny Lensworth Frieling

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