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Boulder’s Brainard Lake: Moose Wander! Photograph of the Month Follows!

Our Photographer of the Month, Gwen Dordick and her hiking partner Lundie Guerard were in familiar territory at Brainard Lake. They are both photographers in this blog. From the parking lot to Pawnee Pass, 3000feet, 915 meters, above the parking lot. They are quite familiar with Long Lake, Brainard Lake, Isabelle, and the others passed along the stroll. Well for them it’s a stroll. And they hike the area year-round!

Recently they encountered some Moose! Talk about exciting! I’m thrilled to be able to share these pictures.

Male moose have antlers, which they shed annually. The process of growing and shedding antlers is a natural cycle that happens every year. Typically, male moose grow their antlers starting in the spring, with the process completing by late summer. The antlers are then shed during the winter after the mating season has ended. Female moose do not have antlers.

The emotional tension created by the moose being part of the complete picture by looking at the photographer is a POV point of view that I personally love.

The reintroduction of moose into Colorado has been a significant conservation success story. Moose were not historically native to Colorado but were introduced in the late 1970s to boost wildlife diversity and create new hunting opportunities. The first introduction took place in North Park, with additional relocations in other parts of the state. The reintroduction efforts have been remarkably successful, leading to a thriving moose population that now numbers in the thousands.

Moose are particularly well-suited to Colorado’s mountainous habitats, finding ample food and shelter in the state’s lush riparian areas and high-altitude forests. Their presence has also positively impacted local ecosystems by helping control overgrown vegetation. However, the growing moose population has also led to increased human-wildlife interactions, prompting the need for public education on how to safely coexist with these large and potentially dangerous animals. Overall, the reintroduction of moose has enriched Colorado’s wildlife landscape, offering residents and visitors alike a chance to observe these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

Lenny Lensworth Frieling

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