b2b 2014


So, homecoming weekend is almost upon us! I’d rather talk about it this week even though homecoming is next week so everyone is fully prepared for a good time. The cool fact about this year’s homecoming? We’re celebrating 100 years of homecoming.


The cool part about homecoming in general is alumni or current students can equally enjoy it. Since this is my final homecoming as an undergrad, I’ll try and shed some light on the schedule for Back to Boulder, and which events should be the best to check out. Here’s the list:


Alumni Awards Ceremony:

  • Check this out for a couple reasons. It will give you a glance into the future of what all your time and effort here at CU will amount to, and you’ll likely gain some valuable wisdom. Who knows, you may meet someone who ends up giving you a job down the road. (Thursday, 5:45pm – 9pm)


Fiske Tour:

  • Have you been inside the Fisk Planetarium yet? It’s much state-of-the-art-incredible-good-times, and we’re fortunate to have such a facility! Bring your parents to the tour and they will be more satisfied with letting you go to school here. (Friday, 10am-11am)


Back to Boulder Homecoming Luncheon

  • Not only are they supplying lunch, but it’s SNARF’S! If you haven’t had snarfs, yet prepare to rename your top 5 sandwich restaurants. On a more serious note, they showcase some of our fines alumni and students. It’s inspirational! (Friday, 11:30am-1pm)


Buff Bash at the Lazy Dog

  • Sorry students, this is for alumni only. So if you’re an alumni reading this, check it out! I’m not speaking from experience by any means but 20 years from now when they have it and I feel like seeing old familiar faces, I won’t be caught passing that up. (Friday, 5pm-7pm)


Ralphies Corral

  • Just before the game, CU hosts a pre-game tailgate that includes a Coors light beer garden (had to list that part first), an inflatable bounce house (who knows the theme), food and picnic tables with chairs, and last but not least, Ralphie the Buffalo!! (Saturday, 9am-12pm)


Football game vs. UCLA

  • I shouldn’t have to convince anyone to attend this, but if the need be, read my article from last week titled Why you should go to CU Football Games. And remember: S’KOOOO BUFFS!!! (Saturday, 12pm)